Left to right: Ikumat (Matches), Qautamaat (Every Day), and Unnuaq (Night).

"What will we do when the smoke and the flames have ravaged everything? Where will we go when there is nowhere to run? I fear that one day what we see on the screen will become a reality, ours, our children’s, and their children's."

β€” Julien Perreault, Into The Woods

#ActNow #ClimateChange #Environment #GlobalWarming #Nature

β€œI find inspiration in the news from yesterday and today. The consequences of climate change are everywhere. All you have to do is open your eyes – or use Google – to see it happening. The planet is sending alarm signals to humanity, which in turn is constantly sweeping them away with the back of its hand.”

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Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine : 10 Questions with Julien Perreault // INTERVIEW

"[...] COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for industries to make use of digital. It is also, unlike some events, a way more accessible way of putting yourself and your work forward."

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An art-inspired Montreal-made clothing brand. Made by artists, just for you! | [...] explores the grandeur of nature.

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"Psychosis" Series

Exploration of the disruption of the mind, hidden messages, and people’s relationship with mental health...

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