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Julien Perreault

My work explores key climatic events, human impact on the environment, and calls on the population to act in the fight against climate change.

Visual artist Julien Perreault grew up in Le Bic, a small village bordered by the St. Lawrence River and its islands, a few hundred kilometers from the Capitale-Nationale.

He learned abstract painting on his own, lulled by the artistic influences of his aunt, the Quebecoise painter and photographer Céline Côté, then developed his skills with the help of his mentor, Moroccan painter Hayat-Sami.

He was fascinated by the work of Marcel Barbeau, the surrealist representations of the human body by Steve Otis, as well as the resonance of industrial architecture in the works of Marc Gosselin.

A Jack-of-all-trades, he did studies in the arts, literature and communications, then office automation: micro-publishing and hypermedia, business administration as well as multimedia… without finishing anything, however. He finally enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy to discover the world and live extraordinary experiences. An immeasurable source of inspiration!

Good winds, good seas!

Searching for pure and liberated expression, with no criticism of the movement of thought, Julien Perreault questions the place of affectivity in the study of forms and material.

He works in successive layers, letting body movements compose their own narrative. The artist uses natural and/or recycled materials such as sand, hemp, plastic, porcelain, and glass to produce his works. He uses different techniques and tools to offer maximum flexibility to his instinct.

“I find inspiration in the news from yesterday and today. The consequences of climate change are everywhere. All you have to do is open your eyes – or use Google - to see it happening. The planet is sending alarm signals to humanity, which in turn is constantly sweeping them away with the back of its hand. My work explores key climatic events and calls on the population to act in the fight against climate change.”